4 Kinds of Security Systems to Make Your Home Safer

There are many benefits to installing security measures in your Bellingham home, including discounts on homeowner’s insurance, protection for your valuables, and most importantly, safety for you and your family. A number of high-tech solutions are available for your home that can help you rest easy about your family’s security. Here are some of the systems that you should consider:

  1. Home Alarm Systems: Burglars are easily deterred by noise, especially if the sound is a home alarm. A monitored alarm system ensures that your home is always protected even when you’re not there. With this option, a central monitoring office is notified when your alarm sounds so they can call the police, even if your phone lines are out! 
  2. Fire Alarm Systems: Every home should have a series of smoke and heat detectors installed to alert you at the first sign of a fire so you can call the fire department and get out safely. These should be installed professionally because positioning is essential to their effectiveness. 
  3. Video Surveillance: Cameras installed in the front of the home can let you know who is at the front door from anywhere in the house. You can access your home’s surveillance cameras from any computer or from your television. 
  4. Medical Alert: With a medical alert device, those with special health concerns do not have to worry about being at home on their own. These devices are worn around the neck and work anywhere within 600 ft. of the home. In a medical emergency, simply press a button to speak with a certified EMT who will notify emergency dispatch and walk you through the situation.

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