4 Kinds of Security Systems to Make Your Home Safer

There are many benefits to installing security measures in your Bellingham home, including discounts on homeowner’s insurance, protection for your valuables, and most importantly, safety for you and your family. A number of high-tech solutions are available for your home that can help you rest easy about your family’s security. Here are some of the systems that you should consider:

  1. Home Alarm Systems: Burglars are easily deterred by noise, especially if the sound is a home alarm. A monitored alarm system ensures that your home is always protected even when you’re not there. With this option, a central monitoring office is notified when your alarm sounds so they can call the police, even if your phone lines are out! 
  2. Fire Alarm Systems: Every home should have a series of smoke and heat detectors installed to alert you at the first sign of a fire so you can call the fire department and get out safely. These should be installed professionally because positioning is essential to their effectiveness. 
  3. Video Surveillance: Cameras installed in the front of the home can let you know who is at the front door from anywhere in the house. You can access your home’s surveillance cameras from any computer or from your television. 
  4. Medical Alert: With a medical alert device, those with special health concerns do not have to worry about being at home on their own. These devices are worn around the neck and work anywhere within 600 ft. of the home. In a medical emergency, simply press a button to speak with a certified EMT who will notify emergency dispatch and walk you through the situation.

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15 Vital Home Safety Tips Every Person Should Take to Heart

What is the most important thing to know about home security? Never let down your guard, even if you have a home security alarm system.

Did you know that when it comes to loss or injury due to crime or disaster in the home, one of the biggest contributing factors is complacency? After all, home is where we relax and shed the cares of the world. It is easy to forget that crime does happen and disaster does strike and often in the very place we would like to think is safe.

Thwart Crime and Calamity

Crime and calamity can strike anyone and anywhere. Here are some important tips to help you protect your home and family.

  • Install quality locks such as deadbolts on all doors. This includes front and back doors, garage doors, gates, and sliding glass doors. Remember to secure guest houses, out buildings and pool gates as well.
  • Secure all windows with window locks.
  • Consider getting a dog for increased safety, but never install doggy doors.
  • Never leave or hide spare keys outside the home.
  • Always keep your doors locked, even while you are home.
  • Install a home security system.
  • Remove bushes and trees from the front and sides of the home. They provide cover for criminals.
  • Use security motion detection lighting outside the home.
  • Install covers and locks on outside fuse boxes.
  • Use smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the home, and check them frequently.
  • Have at least one fire extinguisher in the home and another in the garage, and keep them charged and serviced according to manufacturer recommendations.
  • Have easy access to emergency kits. Keep them stocked with flashlights, first aid supplies, batteries, food, water, shoes, clothes, and cash.
  • Be aware of what information you unknowingly provide to thieves or others. Bumper stickers denoting interests, hobbies, club or sporting affiliations can indicate a general time you may be busy. Window family decals can indicate your family make up, whether you are single or have a dog.
  • When selling cars or other items to strangers, meet in a well-lit busy parking lot, preferably with security. Never give your home address or other personal information.
  • Always keep your cell phone fully charged and invest in an extra solar or personal powered charger that does not rely on electrical power.

About Guardian Security | Bellingham

Personal awareness is always your first line of defense when it comes to home security. Implement personal safety practices and install a home security system. At Guardian Security, we want you to be informed. No matter what challenges your property presents, there is a home security system to meet the need. Options in indoor and outdoor sensors; home security lighting, digital video security and much more can thwart intruders and alert you to possible danger. If you have any questions, be sure to give us a call.

Low-Tech Security Measures that Complement a Home Alarm

Even though you own a home security system, your friendly neighborhood Bellingham alarm company advises you to still keep the low-tech home security measures you already had in place. Some of them can actually work alongside your alarm system to boost your home’s overall security climate.

High-tech security systems aren’t meant to entirely replace low-tech security measures; they’re meant to complement them, as an integral part of an effective home security strategy.

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Fast, Reliable Emergency Repair Services for Your Alarm System

If you suspect that your security system needs servicing, that’s probably because it does need servicing. Odd beeps, confusing codes/error messages on the panel and operational failures are all among the signs that a security system may need some kind of repair. Fortunately, Guardian Security can come to your home or business to troubleshoot and repair the system in a timely manner, so it will work flawlessly again in no time.

While other companies may need several days to get to your service appointment, Guardian Security can address it much more quickly.

That’s because out of all the independent alarm companies in Bellingham, we have one of the largest fleets of field service technicians. And there’s no need to worry that ordering parts will hold things up, because our local warehouse in Seattle contains an extensive parts inventory. Both scheduled and emergency repairs can go quickly and smoothly when Guardian is your Seattle alarm dealer.

If you need emergency repair of your Guardian Security system, contact us now and we will return your call promptly. To inquire about scheduled service plans, you can also call us with your questions. We will be glad to answer.



Protecting pets while you’re away on vacation

According to the American Pet Products Association’s National Pet Owners survey of 2013, 68% of U.S. households have a pet – a fact that equates to 82.5 million homes with pets. Long before there were integrated home security systems in Bellingham, the advice given to concerned homeowners was to get a guard dog to protect the family from intruders. These days, it is clear that our guard dogs and cats are at risk of being hurt or killed by intruders who will not be stopped by our furry protectors.

So, who protects your guard dog or cat when you are away?

A home security system protects those who are unable to protect themselves – that includes children, seniors, and pets (to name a few) with the following features:

  • Integrated smoke, carbon monoxide, and fire alarms coupled with 24/7 security monitoring means that help is on its way soon when danger is detected. This ensures your pets have a far better chance of surviving the potential disaster – even if you are nowhere near your home.
  • Glass break detection sensors and door and window sensors ensure that you know when a window is broken or a door or window is unexpectedly opened. When that happens, you know that someone has entered your home uninvited and anyone inside is in danger. Your monitoring services are also clued in that something is not right and help will be sent immediately.
  • Surveillance cameras can give you the best peace of mind about what’s going on with Fido and Fluffy when you are gone. Through remote access on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can take a quick look at what’s going on at home when you are away. (You’ll also have definitive proof of who’s sleeping on the couch!)

For most pet owners, protecting our pets is akin to protecting our children. A home security system can protect your guard dog or cat while you are away – especially if they are not much of a ‘guard’ to begin with.

A home security system from Guardian Security in Bellingham protects those you love from harm. Guardian Security has been serving Bellingham and Whatcom County with reliable home security systems for over 40 years. To discuss the latest home security features and understand how a home security system protects everyone you love – even your pets – call the expert team at Guardian Security: (360) 647-0110. We’ll help you understand how your home security system matters to your peace of mind.

Why Bellingham Residents Need Home Video Surveillance

If your home isn’t protected by the presence of cameras, you may be placing yourself in a vulnerable position. Potential criminals hate to see cameras installed on a home, and will turn away from that home the vast majority of the time. They know that anything they do will be recorded, and common neighborhood criminals aren’t prepared to hide their faces from the cameras. Bottom line: Cameras are a deterrent to burglary and other crimes in the home.

Our Bellingham security company carries a wide range of home camera systems that can integrate seamlessly into your existing home security system.

We offer most major brands, and better still, we offer our customers the opportunity to access their video from virtually anywhere via a secure website. You can look at your video from your computer or smartphone, no matter where you are or what you’re doing there.

After all, what good is a live video feed unless you can view it easily and at your convenience? Lowering the risk of crimes occurring in your home – and forensic evidence in your hands in the rare event that something happens? This is peace of mind that is virtually priceless. For more information on home video surveillance, contact the Bellingham branch of Guardian Security today.