Why Bellingham Residents Need Home Video Surveillance

If your home isn’t protected by the presence of cameras, you may be placing yourself in a vulnerable position. Potential criminals hate to see cameras installed on a home, and will turn away from that home the vast majority of the time. They know that anything they do will be recorded, and common neighborhood criminals aren’t prepared to hide their faces from the cameras. Bottom line: Cameras are a deterrent to burglary and other crimes in the home.

Our Bellingham security company carries a wide range of home camera systems that can integrate seamlessly into your existing home security system.

We offer most major brands, and better still, we offer our customers the opportunity to access their video from virtually anywhere via a secure website. You can look at your video from your computer or smartphone, no matter where you are or what you’re doing there.

After all, what good is a live video feed unless you can view it easily and at your convenience? Lowering the risk of crimes occurring in your home – and forensic evidence in your hands in the rare event that something happens? This is peace of mind that is virtually priceless. For more information on home video surveillance, contact the Bellingham branch of Guardian Security today.