Low-Tech Security Measures that Complement a Home Alarm

Even though you own a home security system, your friendly neighborhood Bellingham alarm company advises you to still keep the low-tech home security measures you already had in place. Some of them can actually work alongside your alarm system to boost your home’s overall security climate.

High-tech security systems aren’t meant to entirely replace low-tech security measures; they’re meant to complement them, as an integral part of an effective home security strategy.

Securing sliding glass doors – If you have a metal pole or piece of wood inserted in the track of your sliding glass door, keep it there. If you put it away after installing your alarm system, go get it back out. Even though your alarm is designed to stop an intruder from entering, keeping the door physically secure will discourage him even more. If he is still determined to enter and breaks the glass, your glass break detector will trigger your alarm.

Training your dog – If your loving family pet is also a guard dog, encourage him to stay one even after you install an alarm system. A great alarm system and a protective dog can work together to form a powerful home security team. Resist the temptation to scold your dog for barking every time someone approaches the door; instead, give him a pet to show your approval, then create a signal that tells him when it’s time to stop (there are many online resources that can help with this).

Leaving a light on – Creating the impression that someone is home is another old school trick that still works for many people, even security system owners. Leaving a light on in the family room (and maybe upping the ante with the TV or radio if you don’t plan to be gone overnight) can still deter would-be thieves effectively. Of course, we aren’t advocating excessive energy consumption; if you are a Total Connect customer, you can put your lights on a timer or control them at will from your smartphone the entire time you’re gone.

Using all the measures at your disposal can help you be more confident in the security of your home – so if a tried and true security measure has worked for you in the past, this Bellingham alarm company says, go ahead! Keep using it alongside your alarm.




Anthony Medawar
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