Protecting pets while you’re away on vacation

According to the American Pet Products Association’s National Pet Owners survey of 2013, 68% of U.S. households have a pet – a fact that equates to 82.5 million homes with pets. Long before there were integrated home security systems in Bellingham, the advice given to concerned homeowners was to get a guard dog to protect the family from intruders. These days, it is clear that our guard dogs and cats are at risk of being hurt or killed by intruders who will not be stopped by our furry protectors.

So, who protects your guard dog or cat when you are away?

A home security system protects those who are unable to protect themselves – that includes children, seniors, and pets (to name a few) with the following features:

  • Integrated smoke, carbon monoxide, and fire alarms coupled with 24/7 security monitoring means that help is on its way soon when danger is detected. This ensures your pets have a far better chance of surviving the potential disaster – even if you are nowhere near your home.
  • Glass break detection sensors and door and window sensors ensure that you know when a window is broken or a door or window is unexpectedly opened. When that happens, you know that someone has entered your home uninvited and anyone inside is in danger. Your monitoring services are also clued in that something is not right and help will be sent immediately.
  • Surveillance cameras can give you the best peace of mind about what’s going on with Fido and Fluffy when you are gone. Through remote access on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can take a quick look at what’s going on at home when you are away. (You’ll also have definitive proof of who’s sleeping on the couch!)

For most pet owners, protecting our pets is akin to protecting our children. A home security system can protect your guard dog or cat while you are away – especially if they are not much of a ‘guard’ to begin with.

A home security system from Guardian Security in Bellingham protects those you love from harm. Guardian Security has been serving Bellingham and Whatcom County with reliable home security systems for over 40 years. To discuss the latest home security features and understand how a home security system protects everyone you love – even your pets – call the expert team at Guardian Security: (360) 647-0110. We’ll help you understand how your home security system matters to your peace of mind.