Employee Spotlight: Anthony Medawar

This month, Guardian Security in Bellingham, WA is pleased to spotlight Anthony Medwar. We interviewed Anthony to see what he loves most about working at Guardian Security and with our customers.

How long have you worked in the Security Industry?

“Collectively I’ve been in the security industry for 7 years.”

How long have you been at Guardian?

“3 years at Guardian in the Bellingham Office.”

Excellence. Dedication. Commitment. These words best describe who I am as a professional and as an individual. I strive to provide my clients, colleagues, and community excellence. I do the job the right way, the first time without any excuses. I am dedicated to my wife, to my clients, and community. I am dedicated to being a contributing member of society. Commitment. I am committed to helping others get what they want. In business, I am committed to ensuring that when I help people, I help them for THIER reasons; not mine. This means, if I cannot find a solution, I will help you find a solution.

What is a good piece of advice for our customers?

“Be proactive! Don’t wait until someone smashes in a window. If you know there’s an issue, stay on top it. For our inspections customers, make sure you read the annual inspection reports don’t just file them away.”

Why should folks choose Guardian?

“Guardian is a locally owned and operated company. As a customer you could be a friend, neighbor, or our local barista but we care about you. We work and live in the same community as our end users and frequent their establishments. We purchase the goods and services in the community. We have a vested interest in the well-being of our clients.”

What’s your favorite product that Guardian sells?

“My favorite product right now is the Honeywell Lynx 7000 panel. I use the automation on my door locks and love the mobile.”

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