3 Home Automation Myths You Can Dispel Today

Smart home automation technology is no longer just a thing of science-fiction theater, and is becoming so popular it is predicted to become mainstream in Bellingham in 2016. Still, several myths surrounding this automated-engineering wonder persist with the average homeowner who may not be up to date on home automation technology. Here are three smart-home myths you can dispel today:

Myth 1) You Must be a Techie to have home automation

False! The truth is nearly half of homeowners in America will own some form of smart-home technology by the end of the current year. While every good myths has a basis in fact, and it is true that not that many years ago smart-home operation was only available to the technical crowd and wealthy homeowners who could afford expensive custom-built systems. However, things have changed and now millions of homeowners are enjoying the convenience, enhanced security and cost savings a smart home offers. Due largely to new technology, like cloud-computing services and wireless communications devices that are able to effortless link devices together, service providers are now able to make any home a smart home. In fact, hundreds of home automation systems have been installed by Guardian’s service providers in Bellingham so far.

Myth 2) Homeowners are Responsible for Setting Up the System

False! The truth is a professionally trained Bellingham home automation company is able to install and set up everything in short order. While there are still a few smart-home horror stories, these are typically from do-it-yourself projects with too many pieces to that homeowner with no experience hooks together. Even with all the recent advances in technology, installing a smart-home system yourself can be a lot of work. For you to be able to preform the installation yourself you would need to understand all the separate systems the home automation system will interference with. This includes HVAC systems, electrical systems, computer networking and more. However, there is no need to go it alone. Guardian Security, a local Bellingham home automation company maintains a network of qualified and trained smart-home technicians who will plan, install, program and configure your new state-of-the-art system. However, your support doesn’t stop when the installation is complete as the company will continue to provide you with dedicated technical support for the life of your contract.

Myth 3) Home Automation is Expensive

False! The truth is a smart home provides homeowners with an exception value. Setting up your home to operate with smart technology will see your earning back your investment many times over. It will also provide you with valuable peace of mind by monitoring your home for fire, flood and burglaries while reducing your utility bills and making everyday life easier. While smart-home technology was on the pricey side a few years ago, you no longer have to shell out several thousands of dollars for the devices you need to get your home up and running. You can have you home set up with a home automation system from Guardian Security for a small upfront fee with a three-year subscription, making getting a smart home almost like purchasing a cellphone, receiving all the benefits immediately and paying for it in installments.

From our Seattle-based Central Station, we serve one of the largest customer bases of locally monitored Bellingham home automation systems, coordinating dispatch of police, fire, and medical emergency services for our customers. Contact us today for free in home analysis.